If you are looking for a company who can successfully deliver almost any product in the steel or aluminum manufacturing industry, on time and on budget, with high quality standards, look no further, you have found them. 

In early 2005, Justin left the family business to pursue his lifelong passion of custom boat design and fabrication in the 20' to 65' market. the company now employs eight full-time staff, all with exceptional experience building quality aluminum boats. Everyone on our team has at least ten (10) years of experience in aluminum vessel fabrication and most have more.

Today, Nichols Diversified Industries excels in manufacturing aluminum and steel goods.  Our Company specializes in 20' to 65' aluminum boats for any market.  Our diversification and experience allows us to tackle tough jobs that many other manufactures cannot  consider.  When most clients hear the word CUSTOM, their first thought is expensive.  NDI's approach to Custom Boat Building is to build vessels that meet the clients needs and expectations, and not burdening the cost of the vessel with features and functionalities that the client does not want or require.  CUSTOM to NDI means building to the clients specifications, not someone else's.

Justin comes from a line of Boat Builders. Justin's Grandfather, Frank Nichols, started his Boat Building company over 40 years ago. Justin's passion for quality craftsmanship and marine construction started at a very early age. This is exemplified in his dedication today in his drive to leading a team of highly trained and skilled boat builders to provide his customers the best value for their dollar.

Nichols Diversified Industries can and will meet your needs.  We are located on Whidbey Island, Washington, where boat building and boating is a way of life.  Our craftsmanship and dedication to excellence is evident on all that we do.

Contact us today to join the growing number of people who have experienced the best that we have to offer.