Justin Nichols

Justin Nichols started Nichols Diversified Industries, LLC in 2005, with a vision towards Custom Boat Building, at an affordable price.  To Justin, CUSTOM means getting a vessel built to the client’s specifications, not someone else's.  Armed with his vision and his passion for boat building craftsmanship, he began to build a company that today, is comprised of highly skilled, experienced boat builders producing the best products available on the market today.  In addition, he has channeled his determination to produce this high quality product, at a reasonable price.  He has a history of delivering products as promised, on time and within budget.  In addition to growing up in a family of Boat Builders, and working in the family Boat Building business (Nichols Brothers Boat Builders), Justin has studied construction efficiency methods extensively while earning his degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington. 

In early 2005, Justin left the family business to pursue his lifelong passion of custom boat design and fabrication in the 20 to 50-foot market, and is off to a notable start.  As the website shows, NDI has built boats for all markets it intends to serve catamarans, monohulls and landing crafts for both commercial and recreational use.