MAGIC MIST Auto wash

What we provide...

Magic Mist Auto Wash uses a HOT Water Wash and Spot Free HOT Water Rinses. Believe it or not, most car washes don't do this! It is common to apply the presoaks hot, but the high pressure (HP) rinse is typically cold water. Hot water makes a world of difference getting your car clean and looking good.

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To make it easy for you to get started with your wash you are greeted by the talking “Hamilton Auto Teller.” The teller will ask you to choose payment type (cash, credit or debit card) and will then ask you to select a wash type. The teller will tell you to press the “Refund” button if you wish to receive a receipt and will then instruct you to pull forward. You will not be left guessing on what you need to do next, the teller will clearly guide you through the entire process.

“RAZOR” fully automatic “touchless” auto wash in action

Magic Mist Auto Wash features the “RAZOR” fully automatic “touchless” auto wash with on board dryers to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and completely dried. The “RAZOR” safely accepts all vehicles styles and configurations, to include: large SUVs, pick-up trucks, duallys and vans.

Magic Mist Auto Wash also has an easy to use do-it-yourself pressure wash bay with state-of-the-art features, including a dryer, plus bill and credit card acceptors. No more filling your pockets with change to wash your vehicle, you can simply use $1 and $5 bills or your credit or debit card.

After your vehicle is clean on the outside, drive out of the wash bay directly to one of our vacuum islands and clean the inside.

If you need cleaning supplies or change, they are available at the entrance side of the building in our large glass front vendor. It contains a large variety of products to help you clean your vehicle, and has a change machine beside it.


THREE Magic Mist Locations:

Magic mist Auto Wash
6719 S. Transit Road
Lockport, NY 14094

Magic mist Auto Wash
885 Cayuga Street
Lewiston, NY 14092

MEDINA, NY 14103