Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is the optimum material for a vessel with low maintenance costs, ruggedness and corrosion resistance. An aluminum vessel will have a length of service beyond vessels constructed from other materials.  

Aluminum is lighter than wood, fiberglass, or steel, and is more rugged, fire resistant, and much less vulnerable to impact than fiberglass or wood and it has better strength to weight ratios. Aluminum is much easier to maintain than steel and will not rust, it will not blister, rot, spark, or magnetize, and is virtually fireproof.  

There is simply no other shipbuilding material that performs better than today's tough marine grade aluminum alloys.  Aluminum boats cost less, last longer, and have the highest resale values.  For these reasons, Nichols diversified Industries specializes in building custom aluminum boats.

Nichols Diversified Industries (NDI), LLC is a premier custom aluminum boat builder.  We are committed to building and delivering the finest handcrafted aluminum vessels available.